Ever Wandering Wanderers

Hi there! So here it is, our travel blog. I can’t believe we didn’t start this years ago. A big part of our relationship is travel. As you’ll come to learn, we have a goal of visiting all 50 states. Without really knowing it, we’ve been working on this goal since the beginning of our relationship. A few months in we traveled to Boston to see the Red Sox play and over the years we have collected far too many shot glasses, postcards, and baseball stadium visits (Hi Matt!). After getting married in 2012, we knew we wanted to do something big and nontraditional, so, we borrowed the dad’s SUV and began our two-week road trip to Las Vegas. Along the way we stopped in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada, crossing off more states. It truly was one of the best vacations we’ve had. No set schedule, no solid plans, just us and the beautiful, scenic drive “out west”.

Following our honeymoon my professional involvement with school took off and soon every few months we were hopping on a plane to another state so I could present research. Now, three years later, when we plan our trip we are mindful of our goal and figure out how we can visit one place and hop on over to another. For example, last November we had travel plans (another conference) in Savannah, GA. Day two of our trip we rented a car and crossed off North and South Carolina. Yes, both are beautiful states (Hi Elizabeth!)

When did this blog become a serious idea? Well, I’d say after our first international travel to Australia. For the longest time we have been consistent contributors on TripAdvisor (“Senior Contributors”, that is) and after being in Australia we felt we finally had a platform and that it was time to share our adventures and travel secrets on our own blog.

So follow our blog, subscribe for the emails ->, and come away with us as we visit all 50 states and keep hopping over the pond.

Kate and Kyle